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With almost two decades of experience, Bryn Peterson has been helping business clients with their legal needs.  He takes the time to listen and will find the best solution for you and your business.

Bryn Peterson Provides an Array of Services to His Business Clients.

  • Contracts:  Businesses run on contracts. Bryn Peterson has extensive experience in the drafting, reviewing and negotiation of contracts. He will quickly and efficiently review your contracts and advise you as to meaning of the contract and what the contract means in terms of liability for your business. If it is determined that the terms of a contract do not work for your business, he will skillfully negotiate terms that work for you and your business.
  • Corporate compliance:  The state requires corporations to keep certain documents up to date along with minutes of corporate meetings. Your business may also need specific employee contracts or an employee handbooks. Care must be taken not to mingle personal and corporate funds. You may need advice on wage-and-hour requirements in order to prevent future litigation. Bryn Peterson has gained invaluable experience in this area while working at Green Giant Fresh, Tree Top, Inc. and Darigold, Inc.
  • Insurance:  Every business needs insurance and insurance is a very important component to protect a business from financial exposure, when the business is determined to be liable to a third party. It is not only important to have the right types of insurance coverage, but the right insurance limits and deductible amounts.  At Green Giant Fresh and Darigold, Inc. Bryn Peterson managed their extensive insurance programs.  At Tree Top, Inc., he was the person that oversaw and monitored their insurance program.
  • Intellectual property (IP):  This is a complex area of the law, but Bryn Peterson works to protect your IP and when necessary, prepare non-compete clauses when certain employees quit or are terminated. Bryn Peterson was General Counsel for a start up tech company for three years and has reviewed and negotiated hundreds of technology agreements over the years.  At Green Giant Fresh and Tree Top, Inc. he managed their trademark portfolios.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)The law imposes strict regulations on mergers & acquisitions. A failure to comply with one small part of the law can spoil the deal.  Bryn Peterson has been involved in a number of Merger & Acquisitions and has the experience needed to take a Merger & Acquisition transaction from start to finish in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  • Real Estate:  Businesses need legal assistance when they lease property.  When they buy property, they need to be aware of any easements, land use issues, and whether there is any need for environmental impact statements before building can commence. No real estate issue is too small or too large for Bryn Peterson.
  • Risk Management:  Businesses need to concern themselves with preventing litigation, which makes risk management an important aspect of any business.  Bryn Petersen works to plug any gaps in your daily business dealings that may lead to litigation and help you develop a specific risk management plan for your business.  The question every business needs to ask themselves is what can be done in a cost effective manner to meaningfully reduce future liability.
  • Civil Litigation:  Bryn Peterson has experience in many different areas of civil litigation from breach of contract issues to premises liability.

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